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Lee Studio is a virtual art studio where the books and fine art reproductions of Leslie Lee are available for purchase. Many items have been requested over the years,  as gifts or additions to special travel collections, and therefore we decided to offer our most popular items and make them more readily available. Art is meant to be enjoyed... Welcome to Lee Studio!   

Leslie Lee is an artist and an author, most recently completing, "We Are the Land," an exploration of Ireland—its ancient history, DNA, and culture through the adventurous search of four sisters for their Irish ancestry. Lee has also edited-authored Backcountry Ranger, the Diaries and Photographs of Norton Pearl in Glacier National Park 1910-1913; Pearl’s Girls, a linguistic analysis; and Sacred Space: Pine Hollow.

Her, as-yet-unpublished works include thirty travel-sketch journals, essays, poetry and memoir. 

She is the recipient of the 2013 Great Lakes Lighthouse Beacon Award presented by FLOW for Water, and the 2011 Northern Michigan Environmental Action Council’s John Nelson Award for Watershed Stewardship for her work supporting the health of the Great Lakes and freshwater resources. In 2004, Lee completed the incomparable Pine Hollow Country House and opened its doors to nonprofits for retreats, meetings, and seminars.  In 2008, Lee co-founded Archangel Ancient Tree Archive and started the art initiative Lake Affects Art. In 2014, Lee founded the Pine Hollow Institute.  In 2019, Lee designed the artwork for The Spring Lighthouse, a Bed & Breakfast she designed in Elk Rapids, Michigan that is set to open in Fall 2019.  

Leslie Lee knows that poetry is the eternal liturgy of the human soul. She pulls on the drawstrings of her own poetry to find the bliss of home. So, travel with her, drink with her, and laugh with her, reading her brave book “Ireland, We Are The Land”. That treasure she has found is Ireland, the ancient holy isle of saints and scholars.

Diana Beresford-Kroeger

I was completely charmed by this insightful and heartfelt portrait of Ireland. Leslie Lee’s descriptions of the people she met and the places she visited are so well written, so immediate, that I felt like I was there. And her drawings and sketches are nothing short of delightful.

Highly recommended!

Jerry Dennis is the author of The Living Great Lakes, and many other books, Michigan Author Award

Jerry Dennis
Michigan Author

Most Americans come home from Ireland with a tweedy cap, a shawl or shillelagh, tales of kissing the Blarney Stone and pub crawls in Dublin; or talk of the priest in the Burren whose earlobes or bald head put ye in mind of your late Uncle Jimmy.  Leslie Lee embarks with a scholar’s curiosity about attachments and connections, origins and destinations and returns with a deeper understanding of herself, her sisters, her far flung, extended family and the species at large, of the way history and anthropology, geography and genealogy, fantasy and myth comingle to bring the larger human narrative to bear on we Irish and Americans, we humans, one and all, each and every.  Well worth the journey, well worth the read!

Thomas Lynch, award-winning author, American poet, essayist and undertaker. Author of Booking Passage: We Irish and Americans, and National Book Award Finalist for The Undertaking

Thomas Lynch
American Poet & Author