About the Author

After a lifetime of writing, Leslie has decided that it’s time to share. She is now publishing her travel journals, non-fiction, poetry, and essays which will be available for purchase here on the Lee Studio website, at bookstores, and on the web. Her most recent project has been to edit thirty illustrated travel journals as a series called Leslie’s Travel Companions, referring to the little black book and tiny paint kit that she carried everywhere in her pocket.

In 2020, Lee completed Book Two of the Travel Companion series, Leslie’s Field Guide to Ireland, a pocket-sized reference to the history and culture of the land along with her favorite sites of interest in Ireland. It’s meant to be carried, referred to, and written in until it becomes a cherished memento of the trip itself. Book One, We Are the Land, Ireland, published in 2019, began with a search for understanding her Irish ancestry and ended on a romping road trip with her sisters across the Emerald Isle that brought them to a surprise conclusion.

Leslie wrote the poem, “Sacred Space” in 2014 to accompany the beautiful architectural photography of the iconic Michigan home, Pine Hollow, in her book Sacred Space, Pine Hollow. Reaching deep in the past to her first book, Lee edited and authored, Backcountry Ranger, the Diaries and Photographs of Norton Pearl in Glacier National Park 1910-1913 while cozied in her tiny home-built cabin on the edge of Torch Lake, Michigan beginning in 1976 and finally publishing in 1994.

Lee lives in northern Michigan where she raised her family. She’s a lover of nature, travel, history, genetic ancestry, linguistics, and her home on the Great Lakes. Always hoping for one last adventure, she’s holding off on completing her memoir.

Leslie's Books

  • Leslie's Field Guide to Ireland

    This pocket-sized field guide is packed with information travelers to the Emerald Isle will be glad to keep at hand— timelines, tips on pronouncing Irish, travel packing, and driving on the left, and it’s loaded with hand-illustrated charts and maps.

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  • We Are the Land: Ireland

    If you love Ireland or always wanted to visit, this is a great place to start. Join Leslie on a deep exploration of the history and culture, and an adventuresome romp across the landscape in search of her Irish ancestry.

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  • Sacred Space, Pine Hollow

    Pine Hollow is an iconic Michigan home constructed with native stone and timber set amid seven acres of Lake Michigan shoreline, dunes, forest, and native prairie—returned to its indigenous landscape.

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  • Backcountry Ranger

    Rare and stunning photographs of early ranger, Norton Pearl, highlight his daily journals that recount perilous mountain climbing in the summer to trekking three hundred miles on snowshoes throughout Glacier National Park in the deepest snows of winter, from 1910–1913. This book is a classic must-read for serious adventurers.

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“I was completely charmed by this insightful and heartfelt portrait of Ireland. Leslie Lee’s descriptions of the people she met and the places she visited are so well written, so immediate, that I felt like I was there.” Jerry Dennis, Michigan Author