We Are the Land: Ireland

“Lee’s ambitious book is brimming with photographs; hand-drawn art, including maps and notable visual spectacles; and original poetry."Kirkus Reviews

This memoir from the Travel Journal Series of Leslie Lee, 'We Are The Land' is an exploration of Ireland—its ancient history, DNA, and culture through the adventurous search of four sisters for their Irish ancestry. The author's interest in how ancient languages evolved and migrated leads readers through the heart of Ireland to the modern revolution of the ancestral DNA of the Irish people.

This is a must read for travelers to Ireland who want to know... Who are the Celts? Who are the Scotch-Irish or Ulster Scots? Where did red hair come from? What was the land like at the dawn of modern humans? What were the origins of Irish hospitality, music, and scintillating wit? Who built the megaliths such as Newgrange, Knowth, and Dowth? What was the "potato famine"?

The book explores these and other questions for those of us with Irish heritage, and others, who wish to understand before we visit Ireland.

Leslie's Travel Companion trilogy on Ireland and Scotland: Book 1: We Are the Land, Ireland, Book 2: The Hole Made by a Waterfall, Ireland, and Book 3: Six Degrees of Latitude, Travel Tales of Scotland and Ireland.

And before you leave on your trip, make sure to bring the essential pocket-sized, take-along Leslie's Field Guide to Ireland.

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