Leslie's Field Guide to Ireland

"A pocket-size manual offers advice to travelers planning to visit Ireland... The author provides a lucid summary of the country’s history and traditions... The entire book is beautifully illustrated with the author’s hand-drawn maps and pictures."Kirkus Reviews

Leslie’s Field Guide to Ireland is a small 4x6 inch spiral reference book packed with information travellers to the Emerald Isle will be glad to keep at hand. Loaded with handdrawn maps, places of interest, archeological sites, mythological characters, DNA and genealogy, a pronunciation key to Gaelic, Irish place names, the Ogham Alphabet, travel tips, and packing lists, it’s the perfect knowledgeable companion to take along wherever you go in Ireland.

Even before the trip begins, the compact Leslie’s Field Guide to Ireland will inform visitors about the origins of the Celts, the waves of invasions through ten thousand years, the significance of the Vikings, Normans, Ulster-Scots, and the English, the potato famine, and follow with a detailed timeline of Irish history so readers might orient themselves in the depths of the Old World before they arrive.

Blank pages are provided for the traveler to insert their own itinerary, calendar, and genealogy where personal phone numbers, names, lodgings, and a daily log may be kept. When the trip is done, this little book, along with its notes, drawings, and splashes of whiskey will become a true memento of the trip.

Leslie's Travel Companion trilogy on Ireland and Scotland: Book 1: We Are the Land, Ireland, Book 2: The Hole Made by a Waterfall, Ireland, and Book 3: Six Degrees of Latitude, Travel Tales of Scotland and Ireland.

Before you leave on your trip, make sure to take along the essential small but mighty Leslie's Field Guide to Ireland.

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