Leslie Lee edited-authored Backcountry Ranger, the Diaries and Photographs of Norton Pearl in Glacier National Park 1910-1913; “Pearl’s Girls,” a linguistic analysis; and Sacred Space: Pine Hollow. Her, as-yet-unpublished works include thirty travel-sketch journals, essays, poetry and memoir. In 2004, Lee completed the incomparable Pine Hollow Country House and opened its doors to nonprofits for retreats, meetings, and seminars. She is the recipient of the 2013 Great Lakes Lighthouse Beacon Award presented by FLOW for Water, and the 2011 Northern Michigan Environmental Action Council’s John Nelson Award for Watershed Stewardship for her work supporting the health of the Great Lakes and freshwater resources. In 2008, Lee co-founded Archangel Ancient Tree Archive and started the art initiative Lake Affects Art. In 2014, Lee founded the Pine Hollow Institute.